Statement of Practice

I work from observation, from found images and photographs and from my imagination. I’m interested in visual communication and how meaning can be suggested (or obscured) in images.

In my work the exploration of feelings and thoughts has been mostly through the material processes of making; often through drawing and more recently through various printmaking techniques, which have allowed me to play with how the images are constructed and, as a result, are read.

In particular, I’ve been exploring the possibility of creating visual ambiguity through playing with abstraction and figuration and the feelings evoked by that playful process.

A lot of my work begins with observation or in response to the space around me; making work becomes a way of reflecting on things, a form of material research. The act of looking also forms part of that research. In my practice, the process of making images is a way of sifting through and clarifying relationships between things around me – images I’ve seen, spaces, interiors - and expressing this questioning in a visual way. In a number of my works, I’m interested in the tension between representation and the obscuration or obstruction of seeing. I’m inspired by films, especially dreamlike, poetic and psychological image sequences, where an atmosphere is created - also movement, action (within the frame of the screen) – how to create the sense that something is happening in an image, maybe a kind of suspense.